The company was set up with the objective of providing data/Analytics/SAS needs with a more effective resource and tools to help resolve complex strategic and operational issues. Our reputation and credibility have been built through delivering practical and implementable solutions to clients both domestic and international in a very short span.Renown Analytics work ethic and business credo are built on a fundamental respect of the client’s time and resources. This simple philosophy helped us nurture client relationships and guarantees value maximization in all our services we provide.

Analytical Consulting

Renown Analytics Advanced Analytics Consultants rely on the scientific method, experimental design, mathematical modeling, simulation and optimization to answer marketing questions and solve a range of operational and managerial problems.

Market Research

Renown Analytics deliver extraordinary results for Market Research, using extensive marketing research domain experience within the market. We also have a team of analysts who are very savvy in big data analytics that is coupled with full service market research. Renown Analytics brings the latest in MR tools and techniques. We are on the cutting edge of applied Market Research methods.